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Home Organization Tips for Craft Supplies

Created on Jul 26, 2013
freedomRail White Hobby Room

Are you buried in all of your craft supplies? Follow these tips to wrap up and punch out a great craft space that is organized and fun to work in.

  1. Craft Supply Holders. Either buy them or make them yourself. Organize your pens, markers, and pencils inside to avoid losing them. 
  2. Wall Organizers. freedomRail provides components like spanners with hooks and pull out baskets that allow you to organized every last spool and ribbon you have. Plus, when you organize supplies on a wall storage system, it frees up valuable desk space. 
  3. Clear Containers. Categorize craft supplies in divided containers. Place them on adjustable wall shelves to keep jars from cluttering your work space. 
  4. Creativity on Wheels. Use a rolling cart with drawers to store all of your craft supplies if you don’t have a dedicated craft space. This way it will fit in closets and you can roll the cart out when you're ready to get creative! 

How do you organize your craft supplies? Comment below to share your secrets!

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