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How to Organize Shoes

Created on Sep 20, 2013

Taming your messy shoes can be a real battle, especially when you’re a shoeaholic. If your shoe collection is out of control and rivals your favorite shoe store, then it’s time to get serious about your storage! Follow these tips to give your shoe collection the love it deserves!

  1. First, put things in perspective. Sort through shoes. Seriously, how many pairs of black heels does one person need? My guess is NOT more than six and no less than two.
  2. If the shoe fits, wear it! If you haven’t worn a pair of shoes in over two months and they’re not out of season, it’s time to give them up.
  3. Donate shoes that did not make the cut to your local thrift store or soles4souls. It helps to let go knowing they’re going to a good cause.
  4. Choose an organizer that fits your style. If you toss your shoes on the floor as you walk in, get a cute bin to greet them at the door. Or, if you meticulously place your shoes on shelves, choose a shoe organizer that has dividers to keep them tidy. 
  5. Over the door solutions free up valuable floor space and keep shoes in plain view. Add an Organized Living freedomRail Over the Door storage solution to your closet or bedroom door and customize it to fit your needs. 
  6. Small or large, it’s likely your shoe collection includes summer and winter styles. Keep out of season shoes protected by storing them inside clear shoe boxes and place them on the top shelves of your closet or under beds so they’re not taking up valuable storage space.
  7. An oldie but goodie! One of my all time favorite tips is to take a picture of each pair of shoes, put them in shoe boxes, and tape the picture to the front of the box. It’s a simple and quick way to keep track of your shoes.
  8. Now that your shoe collection is organized, follow the one in one out rule. That means, if you buy a new pair of shoes, make sure you’re willing to let one pair go!
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