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Quick Guide to Organizing Magazines

Created on Nov 07, 2013
How to organize magazines

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Magazines subscriptions can quickly get out of control and take over valuable living space. Before you realize it, you're swimming in magazines that you planned on keeping for future recipes, tips and inspiration. Your intentions may be good, but if you haven’t revisited magazines in more than a year, it might be time to surrender your collection. Follow these tips to tame your mountain of magazines. 

  1. First, start with one space at a time. You may have a collection of cooking magazines in your kitchen, hobby related magazines in your crafting space and beauty magazines in your bedroom. If that’s the case, pick a space a day and begin the sorting process.
  2. Separate your magazines into three piles; keep, donate and recycle.
  • Keep. Limit your keep pile to those magazines that you often refer to. Invest in magazine files to keep them separated and organized. Place them neatly on shelves. Make sure you store them so that the spine is facing out and categorize them by theme, title and date.
  • Donate. There are many places that you can donate your read magazines. Try your local community center, doctor offices, schools, V.A. hospitals or senior centers. Always call ahead to make sure the facility is willing to accept your donation.
  • Recycle. For magazines that you feel are not worth donating, place them in a bag and haul them off to your nearest recycling center. Visit to find the nearest center in your area. When you’re finished donating and recycling your magazines, you’ll have more time to enjoy the ones you’ve decided to keep.
Once magazines are organized, spend some time flipping through them and mark the pages you find interesting. That way you can quickly find inspiring articles that prompt you to try a new recipe, a new beauty regime or a fun DIY decorating project. 

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