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Top 10 List - Ten Reasons to Organize Your Garage this Instant

Created on Jun 12, 2014
freedomRail Garage
If you're on the fence about organizing your garage, here are 10 reasons you'll know it's time!

  1. Your husband went in for a hammer last week and you haven't seen him since. 
  2. You know you have a second car in there....SOMEWHERE.
  3. You force your children to wear hard hats when they go into the garage for toys. 
  4. Instead of fully exposing your garage to your neighbors, you open the garage door just enough to slide in below, James Bond style. 
  5. Your lawn is three feet tall because you can't get to the mower. 
  6. The only work your garage workshop has done lately is collect dust. 
  7. Things that weren't originally labeled toxic are now probably toxic. 
  8. You have been parking on the street for nine months now because you are afraid to open the garage door. 
  9. You bought all new Christmas decorations last year because the ones you owned were deemed inaccessible. 
  10. A family of critters took over the garage because they are the only ones who can navigate the mess!

If you can relate, then it's time to organize your garage this instant!  

Watch this quick video for tips!

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