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Staying the Course

Created on Nov 15, 2012

By freedomRail spokesperson, Amanda LeBlanc

I hate to say it but daylight savings is my least favorite time of the year. When it’s dark at 5pm, I find myself feeling less productive. I’m not a night person so maybe that has something to do with it, but when the sun goes down so does my energy level. Unfortunately, my responsibilities don’t go away! I have had to look at this time of year and figure out how to motivate myself to be more productive at a time my body tells me it’s time to be done for the day. Maybe this is the same way you feel or maybe it’s the way you feel about another time of day, either way it’s about doing something when you just don’t want to.

I remember watching an episode of Oprah many years ago. In this particular episode, they would place one treat (a cookie maybe?) in front of a young child and tell them they could have the cookie right then, or they could wait two minutes and have three cookies. The experiment was very interesting. Most of the children took the cookie right away, but a few, patient kids waited. The episode highlighted the art of self discipline.

Self discipline can make or break us in many situations in our lives like weight loss, studying, and of course organization. Motivation gets us started but it won’t keep us going. When we are motivated to get organized, we get excited about the possibilities, we start thinking of everything we can get done and how great it will be, but then reality sets in. The reality is that getting organized is a process; it takes time and may not always be so fun.

When motivation wanes and your organizing project becomes something you are having trouble sticking to, you need to use self discipline. This is where “waiting for your cookies” becomes very important – ha!

Here’s a little advice to help you stay on track:

  • Create a plan then break that plan into as many small projects as you can. Having a plan can help you stay on course and keep the focus. You have to know that the excitement and motivation of starting a new project will fade and you need a plan that is realistic to keep you going.
  • The completion of small projects and building on those successes will feed your motivation. You have to use self discipline to stay the course.
  • You have to know that even though what you are doing in the moment isn’t always the most fun or what we want to be doing, the action will lead us to a better place and a better way of living. This is a quality that all successful people possess and cultivating this quality will only better your life in every way, including the process of getting organized.
Good luck and until next time Keep it Organized! ~ Amanda

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