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How to Organize the Home for Back to School

Created on Aug 29, 2013
Back-to-School Home Organization with freedomRail

Organized Living freedomRail is the perfect solution to keep your home organized during the school year. Because of its ease, versatility and strength, you can add it to any space to enhance your home’s efficiency. Get in control of your busy life by installing a freedomRail home organization system today!

Kid’s Closet
Your children's closets should grow along with them. Since freedomRail is adjustable, it changes easily to fit kids from infant stages to teen years. For example, start with triple hang for an infant or toddler’s clothes. Then, adjust shelves to double hang for larger clothes as they get older.

Command Center
Everyone needs a family command center to keep family affairs running smoothly. freedomRail offers an efficient solution and can fit in spaces as small as 30 inches and as large as 120 inches. Add it to any wall in the kitchen or to an extra closet for a place to pay bills, check homework and clip coupons.

Drop Zone
Include a family “drop zone” at the front door for kid’s books, school work, shoes and jackets by adding a freedomRail storage system to an entry closet. Select a design from the Organized Living custom closet Design Tool that includes hanging space and offers multiple storage shelves so you can assign one to each family member.
Packing school lunches and preparing meals is simple when you have freedomRail in your pantry. Shelves are completely adjustable and can be customized to fit your storage needs and O-Boxes (Organizational Boxes) are the perfect way to keep cooking utensils, kitchen linens and extra snacks organized.

Doing laundry is not always fun, but is a necessary evil. Keep your laundry room running smoothly with freedomRail. Add hanging space to keep garments from wrinkling, adjustable shelves and baskets for laundry detergents and sliding baskets to separate lights from darks.

With all of the sports equipment, frisbees, rollerblades and helmets your family uses, it’s important to have accessible storage. Activity Organizers come in a variety of shapes and sizes for everything an active family needs!

Select designs for any space using Organized Living closet design tools. Choose from thousands of designs that are custom to your needs, style and budget.

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