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Easy Storage Solutions for Gift Wrap

Created on Dec 04, 2013
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Pro organizer, Amanda LeBlanc, shares tips on how to organize holiday wrapping zones using Organized Living home organizing systems.  

It’s a Wrap
When it comes to wrapping gifts, most of us either love it or hate it! An organized gift wrapping space can turn us all into lovers!

Amanda's advice:
Get creative with storage by converting an unused coat closet or guest closet into a gift wrap storage area that can be used year round. Then, install Organized Living freedomRail storage in the space because it provides the perfect mix of drawers, baskets, shelves and cabinets. And the best part is that components can be changed instantly as your storage needs change.

Get Vertical!
If you don’t have the luxury of an extra closet to use to store gift wrap, utilize space on backs of doors. 
Amanda's advice: 
Add an Organized Living Over The Door Kit to the back of any door and customize it with baskets, bins and hooks to store gift wrap, bags and supplies. It installs and adjusts in just minutes and doesn't harm doors in the process. 

Organized Storage
Designate one space in the home to keep purchased gifts organized. Storing them in one spot allows you to take a quick inventory of what you have and what you still need to buy. 
Amanda's advice:
Install a small area of shelves in your home in a hall closet or guest closet. I did this in my home, not only for holiday gifts, but for gifts I can give year round. It’s nice to have extra hostess gifts handy in case you’re invited to a last minute party. You can save money this way too because you can purchase sale items throughout the year and store them until December.

The key to less stress and more cheer this holiday season is an organized home. Read more seasonal tips now. 

Organized Living freedomRail Hobby Storage     Organized Gift Wrap Station | Organized Living

Organized Gift Wrapping Area | Organized Living freedomRail

Organized Living | Organized Hobby Space

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  1. Organized Living | Dec 09, 2013
    Hi Marilyn, 

    Do you mean a rolling cart for gift wrap? See if this is what you're looking for: If it is, contact me if you need help creating one that fits your space ( Thanks! 
  2. Marilyn Seay | Dec 05, 2013
    I would like to know  do you have a design to send to on a roll cart for storage, I don't have that room.

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