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Organized Time Management: Awe-Inspiring Agendas

Created on Jul 31, 2013

Time-management is not hereditary! (You can now breathe easier). However, every minute counts! With the help of these four simple tips, you can gain some much needed time back into your day. 

Designate Time
Each night, create a master to-do list of your activities for the following day. Next to each bullet point, jot down a rough estimate of how long it will take to complete the task. Be realistic and give yourself an appropriate amount of time for each agenda item.

Begin Early
Start on your list the moment you wake up. Your internal motivation is a better stimulant than coffee, promise! Besides, your productive morning sets the tone for the rest of the day.

Complete the most important tasks first. When an agenda item is done, cross out the activity on your list. Pretend you are racing against the clock, and try to get your entire list accomplished before the time runs out.

Be Flexible
Over the course of a day, life happens. Stick to the priorities on your agenda, but leave a loop-hole for some spontaneity. You are in control of your agenda!

By creating an agenda and sticking with it, you learn how to be organized in your everyday activities. Share your helpful agenda tips with us!  Leave a comment 

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