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Four Spooky Spots to Organize in October

Created on Oct 01, 2014
Organized Living | Pantry Shelving Basket

This month, tackle four scary spots in your home for a more organized October. Get pickled pantries, musty basements, overworked laundry rooms and cluttered closets back in order with these simple tips.

Shape Up Your Shoes
Taming shoes can be a real battle! Maximize vertical space in your closet and protect your favorite shoes with a stack of adjustable shelves. Pro organizer, Amanda LeBlanc, recommends that pairs of shoes are organized by heel toe. It not only helps you save space, but gives you a quick view of what you own.

Organized Living Classica | Shoe Storage Design by The Amandas
Organized Living Classica. Design by The Amandas

Tame the Beast!
Junk drawers need love too. But, who has extra time to organize random buttons, jumbled rubber bands and assorted batteries? Simplify the process with junk drawer organizers. We love this creative, DIY drawer organizer idea. It’s easy to do and inexpensive too!   

Lighten Your Load
Doing laundry is not always fun, but is a necessary evil. Keep the laundry room running smoothly with Organized Living home storage systems. Add hanging space to keep garments from wrinkling, adjustable shelves and baskets for laundry detergents and sliding baskets to separate lights from darks.

freedomRail white organized laundry room with storage baskets
Organized Living freedomRail
Organized Living freedomRail

Perfect Your Pantry
Gain space in the pantry and enhance its functionality with under the shelf basketsThis handy basket slips on the bottom of any wood shelf creating additional storage space without any tools. Perfect in pantries for storing saran wraps and table linens and it also can be used to organize laundry rooms, closets, linen closets, offices. 

Organized Living freedomRail | Pantry Shelving
Organized Living freedomRail pantry shelving

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