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Custom Closet Renovation - Share Your Story

Created on Jul 11, 2013
Organized Living's Organization Community

The Sacks, a busy family of four, live in an older, traditional home and struggle with storage in all of the wrong places.

Originally, they considered a costly home addition to create more usable space. Instead, they saved thousands by converting a second bedroom/office into a spacious master closet using Organized Living Classica.   

"The project was very affordable considering the results. The transformation has eliminated the minor daily stresses of a too cramped and disorganized bedroom and closet." ~Steve Sacks, Organized Living customer in Ohio

Watch this video now to hear what Steve had to say about his renovation and home organization experience.

Organized Living's Organization Community


Organized Living's Organization Community

See more before and after images of the entire renovation >>

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  1. Annette Liven | Apr 28, 2014
    I want to do this to out second bedroom too. I've showed my husband and after seeing this, he's in! Thanks for helping me persuade him. Now, where do we find a dealer please?

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