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An Exclusive Peek Inside an Organized Closet

Created on Nov 20, 2013

When professional organizer, Amanda LeBlanc, stepped inside her client's closet, she found one stationary rod and shelf - eek, can you even imagine ;) The fix: she instantly doubled storage by providing upper and lower level clothes hang. Her client also needed adjustability in her closet so she could have freedom to change shelves as her storage needs changed.

“One of the things I love most about Organized Living freedomRail is its adjustability. Your life is not stationary, so your shelving shouldn’t be either,” explains LeBlanc.

The final result: a beautiful closet that maximizes space AND provides adjustability for a lifetime of use!

Closet Design via The Amandas | Product: Organized Living freedomRail

Rock Star Closet | Organized Living freedomRail Closet Design

Closet designs: The Amandas

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