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Move Over Clutter.... A Closet Organization Makeover

Created on May 01, 2014
"We had so much fun organizing this closet last week for a fun client! Here's a before and after plus a few extra pictures. We love the metallic burnt leather labels, what do you think?!" ~ Amanda LeBlanc, professional organizer and Organized Living spokesperson

Custom Closet Makeover | Amanda LeBlanc
Organized Living Classica closet. Design/image by The Amandas

Amanda Organized Living Classica Makeover

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  1. Organized Living | May 12, 2014
    Thank you for your comment Patricia! I agree, this is a great (realistic) makeover. The before closet is definitely something most of us can relate to, including myself! Of course, the shelving is great, but it's amazing how simply changing to matching hangers can make a huge difference alone. 
  2. Patricia Ducharme | May 09, 2014
    Thank you for a realistic make over.  So many of these articles show a closet with only 10 blouses, 4 pair of pants, and a couple of dresses - each hung perfectly about an inch apart.  If that's all I had I wouldn't need help organizing!! This closet was packed and what most people could consider normal.

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