freedomRail closets are awesome! Easy to adjust, built solid and definitely cost effective! I highly recommend freedomRail to anyone looking for a quality closet but does not want to pay outrageous prices
-Shane Moore
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freedomRail for a Lifetime

Created on Nov 14, 2012
Organized closet by Amanda LeBlanc, Courtesy Style Network
Professional organizer and TV personality, Amanda LeBlanc, shares her freedomRail story...

Can you really buy one closet that will work with you as your needs and life change? I believe the answer is yes! Everyone wants to invest their money wisely. No one wants to spend money foolishly or make a poor investment. When clients cometo me about getting organized, the first thing I look at is whether they have the right storage system. I see so many homes with a great closet but with only one wire shelf running down the wall. How can you properly store what you need to store with only one shelf? And how can you spend your money wisely and get a closet that will last?

This was the case when I moved into my home six years ago. My youngest daughter has a closet that is 96 inches wide and 24 inches deep. The doors are eight feet high and through the middle of this closet was one wire shelf! Ugh! I immediately removed the shelf and installed freedomRail. Instead of one wire shelf, I was able to install 36 inches of triple hang clothing space, a 24 inch section of drawers and shelves, and then a 36 inch section of longer double hang for her dresses. Can you imagine how much more functional this is? I tripled my storage in this space and now it’s much simpler for her to keep her closet organized.

That was six years ago and she was only a baby. What does the closet look like today? Well, it looks the same. I have adjusted shelves and made some changes but the same closet that worked for my baby works for my little girl. My only sadness is that now that she is seven we are about to lose the triple hang and make it double hang. My little girl is getting so big!

freedomRail closet image courtesy of The Amandas television episode, The Style Network.

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