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10 Home Organization Tips for Spring from Amanda LeBlanc

Created on Mar 28, 2013
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The birds are chirping, lawns are beginning to grow and you’re ready to spend some much needed time outdoors! But before you move outside, use these ten organization ideas to clear winter clutter indoors and to plan for a spectacular spring!

  1. Sort through winter clothes to see what you no longer need or want. Watch this video for best practices for sorting and purging clothes.  
  2. Don't forget to look through your kid’s winter clothes too. Ask yourself, what should you donate, what's being handed down and what stays put?
  3. Protect seasonal clothes in airtight containers. Store them in a guest closet, basement or attic until next season. If you don't have extra space, store them in containers below the bed or in the highest areas of your closet. 
  4. Put closet systems in place to maintain organization. Be sure to select an adjustable systems so that you can change it around to accommodate fall and winter clothes next season. 
  5. Clean out the pantry. Over the winter we tend to collect food like a bear hibernating! Make sure you know what you have and get rid of what you won't eat.
  6. Start thinking about summer plans! Camp and vacation deals are out now and they book up fast.
  7. Now that the sun is out this means longer recesses in your afternoon schedule. Can the kids play outside after dinner? Maybe you can do a little gardening. The weather is getting nice. Take advantage of it before the heat kicks in.
  8. Bathing suit season is almost here! Take a look at your health and fitness routine and maybe create a new healthy habit.
  9. Plan now for success! If you haven’t already, start getting your schedule together for your spring cleaning routine. There are a ton of spring cleaning checklists and guides that you can use to clear and clean out winter clutter. 
  10. May is full of end of year school activities. Look at the calendar now to plan your schedule. Send family emails about important dates coming up so that everyone can attend!
We want to hear from you! Share your best spring storage tip below.

Home Organization Tips From Organized Living


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  1. Mark Sindone | Mar 12, 2014
    Just 2 things to add on to this (Thanks to the advice that I've received from my customers at the Supercheap Storage Facility in Sydney) -

    "Protect seasonal clothes in airtight containers." --> Vacuum resealable bags are fantastic for this too!

    "Now that the sun is out..." --> if you have the space in the yard, make sure that all the winter wear is properly sunned out and dried before sealing! You want to make sure that all trace of moisture has been gotten rid off, or dry clean before and after storage for best results and longer lasating quality.
  2. Lynn Kohler | Apr 12, 2013
    I really loved the blue floral dress and shoe bags that you used to carry. Do you still have them?  If not, can you please give me the name of the company that makes them?

    I can come to the Kemper Rd store, if that is helpful.


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