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Created on May 12, 2014

Whether you’re packing for a trip to the Caribbean or a weekend getaway to the local bed and breakfast, here are simple things you can do to prepare and pack smart.

Make a list of what you’ll be taking. Consider the weather, and be sure to take a variety of clothing. We love this checklist from

Printable Travel Packing List from
Checklist courtesty: 

What are your plans? Consider your activities while you’re away so you’re prepared once you get there.

Save time. Work on laundry the week before a trip. Instead of putting away clean clothes, place items from your packing list directly into your suitcase. This helps to avoid rushing or packing the night before; which inevitably leads to stress and forgetting things.  

Use space wisely. Maximize space in your suitcase by tucking socks inside your packed shoes.

Just like mom says…don’t forget to wear your coat! If possible, wear your bulkiest items when you travel to save valuable suitcase space for other necessities.

Leave a little wiggle room. We all know that vacations are all about shopping. By leaving a little extra space in your luggage, you’ll save the hassle of paying extra money to have your purchases shipped home.
Pack low maintenance clothes. Items that can be hand washed and hung to dry are better than clothes that have to be dry-cleaned.

Be flexible. Choose clothes and accessories that are versatile enough for multiple outfits - from casual to dressy.

Organized Summer Travel Tips | Organized Living

* Bonus Tip – Use Organized Living freedomRail shelves to create an extra storage space up high to store bulky suitcases when you’re not traveling. Uprights are available in 90 inch lengths so that it's easy to maximize ceilings taller than 96 inches. 

Pack up some of these great tips before your summer vacation begins, and you’ll have happy and organized travels!

For dozens more travel tips, visit our Organized Travels Pinterest board now. 

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