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Organizing Tips for the New Year

Created on Jan 05, 2015
Happy New Year! Start 2015 off right by focusing on organizing a few popular post-holiday hubs with these simple tips.

Toy Mania 
There’s a good chance that the kiddos received one too many toys over the holidays. Here are a few ways to tame them.
  • Storage baskets help divide toys so they’re easy to find. Plus, keep them organized all in one spot. Use stacking drawers when you can to free up valuable floor space and to utilize vertical space. Customize them to fit any toy storage need!
  • Storage crates and bins are perfect for any size toys because they come in all sizes. Use different colors of crates to teach kids easy clean up. For example, use a blue crate for blocks and red for race cars.
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Conquer Kitchen Clutter

You spent the entire holiday season in your kitchen baking and entertaining, now it’s time to get the kitchen organized:
  • Clear Stackable Food Containers help keep the kitchen organized and functional. Clear containers let you see the contents inside and stacking helps you use more vertical storage space.
  • Banish clutter inside the cabinets with Organized Living Kitchen Organizers. Use them in pantries to stack and organize canned goods, saran wraps and rolls of foil, serveware and food storage containers. 

Don’t Let Holiday Bills Haunt You

Get holiday bills under wraps before tax season sneaks up with these handy tools:
  • Use a file box as a bill organizer. Create 31 slots for each day of the month. This is a great way to ensure you never pay your bills late! 
  • Organizing apps are easy to use and offer ways to organize just about anything. Here are 14 apps to help organize anything from store receipts to personal passwords. 
Additional Post Holiday Tips:
  • Create a game plan. Organizing without a plan is like driving without a map. 
  • Make a date. If you make an appointment with yourself to conquer clutter, you’re more likely to do it. 
  • Pick your poison. Pick the area that will have the biggest impact on your life. Are you always wandering around in a chaotic closet or losing your keys? Start there.
  • Call for reinforcements. You’re more likely to finish an organizing project if you have help and support.
  • Take advantage of New Year sales. Organized Living freedomRail is 25% off until February 8, 2015
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