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Summer Home Organization Tips for Outdoor Spaces

Created on May 22, 2015


Whether your outdoor space is used for summer entertaining or simply as a quiet place to relax, having the right organizing systems in place makes time spent outside more enjoyable. Follow these simple tips to make your outdoor space a “stress free” zone.

  1. Make it “clean-up friendly.” Portable bins and baskets make clean-up quick and easy so you have more time to spend with friends.
  2. Store grilling tools together so they’re easy to find and keep them in a space that’s near the grill for quick access.
  3. Stock up on entertaining supplies such as napkins, silverware, paper plates and spices. Store them in waterproof storage containers and keep them outside so they’re ready for impromptu parties.
  4. Create extra space outdoors by adding storage cabinets for beach towels and games. You’ll spend less time gathering them from indoors and gain more time for summer fun.   Activity Organizer_Garden_2
  5. Keep your garage storage tidy too (it’s an extension of your outdoor space). Divide activities into categories such as gardening, sports and work tools and store them on Organized Living’s freedomRail adjustable grids and shelves. You never know when the urge to play a little Boccie ball with guests might arise.Tips for Keeping Your Outdoor Space Organized
  6. Splurge on outdoor cushions. By spending a little more on quality cushions, you’ll save time and agony of cleaning them and keeping them mildew free.
  7. Always keep an arsenal of sun screen, bug spray and citronella candles on hand - just in case.
  8. Add fans to your outdoor space to keep cool. Plus, it’s a great way to keep outdoor spaces bug-free.
  9. Match outdoor spaces to your personal style. It should be functional, but it also has to be engaging. Check out the Live Outside blog for ideas on creating that outdoor space to call your own!
  10. Make sure there’s plenty of comfy seating. In the summer, you’ll likely spend most of your time outdoors with friends and family, so keep the space inviting.


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