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Keep Organized for the Holiday with these 10 Simple tips!

Created on Oct 17, 2013
If you're like most of us, the holiday season always sneaks up on us before we even realize it! And that's where the stress comes in. There's shopping to do, parties to host, recitals to attend and travel to plan. This year, start planning early so you have more time to enjoy with friends and family!

Amanda LeBlanc, professional organizer, busy mom, and (sometimes party host :) gives us 10 holiday tips to help us prepare now so we can relax later! 

  1. Prepare Thanksgiving menus. If you're hosting this year, start collecting recipes now. Most dry ingredients can be purchased now and stored until the big event to help you save time.
  2. Purge the pantry. Check expiration dates on all of your pantry staples. There's nothing more annoying than being strapped for time and reaching in the pantry to find the bag of chocolate chips are way past the expiration date. 
  3. Check Table Linens. Most likely your linens have been hibernating in the cupboards since last season. So take an inventory now and check for stains and wrinkles. If they need it send them now to the cleaners or clean them in-house. Once their ironed, hang them instead of folding them. This way you can just grab them on "game day." 
  4. Prepare guest rooms. By now, you probably know if your family will visit for the holidays. Do some of the work now to prepare for their arrival. Freshen up linens, check your stock on toiletries and create welcome baskets to make them feel at home. 
  5. Take coats and winter accessories out of storage. Donate the ones that don't fit. Clean the ones that you'll be wearing this season no so they're ready for the first big snow!
  6. Find a calendar that matches your style - online or wall calendars are both great! Then, update it as you get invites for holiday parties, school holiday activities and travel schedules.
  7. Clean Fireplaces, Chimneys and check furnaces. Schedule maintenance to ensure everything is working properly before you find out the hard way. 
  8. Prepare Christmas List. Plan for gifts that need to be ordered now to arrive on time.
  9. Design and order Christmas cardsUpdate your address list too!
  10. Schedule car maintenance in preparation for any upcoming holiday travel - one less thing to worry about!
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