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4 Ways to Prepare Now for Winter

Created on Dec 11, 2014

Four things I see people overlook when they prepare for winter.
By Amanda LeBlanc

  1. Prepare for a cold and THE cold – Along with the cold weather comes the snow and ice and the possibility of being stuck indoors for several days. Take the opportunity now to stock up on dry goods, water, medicines and an emergency kit in case you find yourself snowed in. 
  2. If you don’t live in an area that gets snow and ice, there is still a reason to stock up; the cold! This is the time of year when colds, flu and other viruses are in full swing. A good supply of canned goods, cold and flu medications, and water will help make your illness a lot easier to deal with.4 Ways to Get Organized for Winter
  3. Check heaters and generators. I hear stories of families waiting until a really cold night to find out that their heater is in need of repair. In the beginning of the fall have your heating/ac company come out and do a check of your system to see that everything is working properly. This could save you money and a cold night. The same can be said for the generator. You don’t want to wait until you need it to find out it doesn't work. Thinking ahead and being prepared is what it’s all about.
  4. Schedule Car Maintenance. Getting your car ready for winter is just as important as your home. Have your heating system and tires checked. Bad tires plus an icy road equals major trouble. Other good items to keep in your car this winter; an all weather blanket, a couple of bottles of water, a few snacks, a flashlight, and a couple of games in case the kids are with you. Waiting for help with a flat in the cold? Now the kids have a blanket, food, and a deck of cards to keep them safe and occupied until help arrives!

The fall and winter are my favorite times of year. I adore the Holidays and the time spent with family. I want all of you to enjoy each minute, focus on the family and not be stressed and rushing through this time. The way to do that; be prepared! ~ Amanda 

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