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Spring Clean with freedomRail!

Created on Mar 01, 2013
freedomRail organized linen closet

Spring has sprung and people are feeling the heat when it comes to home organization. Closets are in disarray and in need of timely storage makeovers. Organized Living is here to help and offers boundless freedomRail storage solutions for all areas of the home. Follow these organization tips from our design experts to maintain a clean and organized home throughout the year. 

Be efficient. Master closets and reach-ins are prime targets for spring closet makeovers. On average, people use closets twice a day every day. When you use something so frequently, it’s important that it’s efficient. Even the simplest freedomRail custom closet design doubles storage for any wardrobe. 

Mix it up!  Wire shelving in a linen closet...meh. Instead, mix in a few wood shelves too for keeping smaller bottles and bathroom accessories upright. freedomRail is versatile enough to mix wood and wire shelves and creates a nice balance.  

Stay strong. During winter, garage spaces become “catch alls” for all kinds of tools, gardening supplies, sports equipment and other items that don’t belong. freedomRail garage storage is a strong solution that holds up to 100 pounds per linear foot and withstands the extra weight associated with items that are stored in the garage.

Personalize. A home office is important because it’s the place where people run their homes or businesses. freedomRail storage systems can easily be used as a desk space by combining shelves, cubbies and drawers and can be installed in any space throughout the home.

Stay flexible. freedomRail keeps entertainment centers versatile. Components easily move up or down and side to side and it is versatile enough to hold anything from televisions to DVDs.  

Adding efficient storage throughout the home is easy. Choose from 1000s of designs tailored to fit your needs, style and budget using Organized Living's closet design tool.

Home Organization Tips From Organized Living

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