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  • Quick Guide to Organizing Magazines

    How to organize magazines
    Do you have a love/hate relationship with your magazine collection? Most of us love and enjoy them, but hate how they can take over the home. Don't give them up if you're one who loves them, instead, learn to tame your prized collection with these simple tips.
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    Created on Nov 07, 2013
  • Arranging a Beautiful Bookshelf

    Arranging a beautiful bookcase isn't always as easy as it seems. But with these tried and true tips, yours will be in organized shape in no time!
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    Created on Jan 21, 2013
  • Best Ways to Organize Photos

    You might consider organizing photos a “back burner” project or a luxury project that only those super organized people can accomplish. But in reality, it’s a fun and easy project that you can enjoy. Here are tips to help you get started!
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    Created on Nov 27, 2012
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