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10 Ways to Tame Garage Clutter

Created on Nov 14, 2012
If the very thought of visiting your garage makes you nervous, you’re not alone. According to a recent NAPO study, 50 percent of homeowners rate their garage as the most disorganized space in the house! That’s because who can resist using it as a catch all for things that don’t belong or do not fit in the home? But eventually you WILL have to brave the mess and risk the neighbors getting a peak at what’s inside.  

10 Simple Ways to Tame Garage Clutter

Don’t get caught with your garage door open before you’ve cleared the clutter. Follow these ten tips to get the garage organized.

  1. Get the entire family’s help with the organizing process. By being involved, they’re more inclined to put things back where they belong.
  2. Remove items and start sorting in four general piles; belongs, doesn’t belong (things that go back inside), garage sale and donate. Throw out the trash!
  3. Once you’ve cleared the garage, park your car inside and trace an outline around it on the floor with masking tape so you know how much space you have to add storage. 
  4. Decide on a garage system that works for you. Organized Living freedomRail has a combination of shelving, hooks and cabinetry and is truly adjustable.  
  5. Measure the space needed for essentials – cars, bikes, etc. and then plan your space. Keep like activities together such as gardening, sports and work tools.
  6. Free up floor space by using hooks and organizers that attach to the wall. Organized Living Activity Organizer Wall Grids are perfect for storing bikes, gardening tools and the kid’s toys and keep storage adjustable. 
  7. Store seasonal items up high in storage containers. After all, you only need them once a year.  
  8. Containerize. Group like items together and store them in containers. Don’t forget to label them!
  9. Use vertical space for recycling by stacking open containers to keep paper, glass, plastic and aluminum separated.
  10. For organizing smaller items like screws and nails, use storage containers or drawers with dividers.
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