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Kid's Room Organization

Created on Nov 14, 2012

When you are organizing a play room, there’s no better way than to round up the help of your children. By getting them involved, they’re more likely to keep things in place. Follow these simple tips for keeping toys and clothes under control.
  1. Organize by color. This helps children categorize their toys and belongings quickly and easily. For example, use blue bins for cars and trucks, red for legos and yellow for books and puzzles.
  2. Keep things light. Use containers, bins and bags that are easy for children to tote outside and around the house. 
  3. Schedule time to purge. Every three months or so use containers to sort through clothes and shoes to check sizes. Kids grow so quickly and there’s no sense in digging through things that don’t fit any longer. 
  4. Add an Organized Living freedomRail storage system to your child’s closet or playroom. Since they’re so versatile, you can change shelves and hanging space to fit your children as they grow. 
  5. Keep crafts organized in wire drawer systems to keep supplies in one place. Add wheels to the bottom so children can move their project centers from room to room, depending on where you want them. 
  6. Children’s school papers and projects have the ability to take over your kitchen or den. Store them in scrapbook cases and label them by child so you can quickly find that missing permission slip when you need it. 
  7. Turntables work perfectly as a center piece on an art or project table. Store craft supplies on the turntable and children can rotate them to quickly access supplies they need.
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