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Organized Cupboards and Counters!

Created on Nov 14, 2012

Counter and cabinet space is at a premium in most homes, so I'm always looking for ways to maximize these areas in the kitchen. The kitchen counter especially tends to become a clutter magnet in the home. And the cabinets are often neglected because they're behind closed doors. Free up space and clear the clutter with these simple kitchen organizing tips.

  • Start fresh by emptying each cupboard and drawer. Donate items you don't use or need.
  • One set of everyday silverware is generally plenty. Pick a drawer where they’re easily accessible so you their easy to access.
  • Keep only the dishes that are part of matching sets. Use vertical cabinet organizers to help divide dinner plates, salad plates and bowls, so you don't have to un-stack one style to get to the other.
  • Install hooks underneath the top shelf of kitchen cabinets for hanging mugs and teacups. Hang a stemware holder for stemmed glassware, leaving space below for plates and bowls.
  • Rather than stacking cutting boards, serving trays, and baking sheets in cabinets, use cabinet dividers so they’re easy to find. 
  • Pantry doors can do double duty when you add cork board or dry erase boards.  Place them inside of cabinet doors and use this space as a home for “grab-n-go” items like keys and memos. 
  • Use lazy susans inside cupboards and cabinets for storing anything from canned goods to baby foods.  
  • Throw out any spices more than 3 years old. If you can’t smell them, you won’t be able to taste them either. Store the remaining spices on a turntable or inside drawers in expandable drawer organizers so you can quickly find them as you’re cooking.


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