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How to Organize a Basement

Created on Nov 15, 2012
Often ignored and under-utilized, the basement has the potential to be the perfect home for long-term storage. Not sure how to get started?  Here’s a step-by-step plan for transforming the basement into an organized haven.

  • Invest in Shelving. Shelving is an absolute must-have in basement storage. Shelves are great because they get everything off the floor and onto the walls, leaving you with plenty of room to locate what you need. The Organized Living freedomRail home storage system is perfect for creating a basement organization system. Versatile, adjustable and easy to install, this line can accommodate the storage needs of any family. The steel shelving is tough enough to hold the weight of multiple boxes and is treated with an epoxy coating for durability. 
  • Get Sorted. Once you’ve installed shelving, it’s time to organize everything you’re storing. For example, keep holiday decorations together in one section, out-of-season sports equipment in another section and so on. Choose clear containers for storage. Clear, stackable containers, make it easy to view the contents of each box and stack more than one box on top of each other. 
  • Protect Your Garments. The basement is also ideal for storing seasonal clothing. Use a storage system with a clothes bar, or a garment rack to store out of season clothes. Protect clothes with clear garment bags. The clear plastic protector helps you see what you’ve stored, and it keeps out dust and musty smells that affect some basements.
  • Label, Label, Label. “I cannot emphasize enough the importance of labeling,” said Amanda LeBlanc, Organized Living spokesperson. “Labeling gives you a visual reminder of what’s in each storage box, and it helps you categorize your storage with just a quick glance.”
With these helpful tips, your basement can go from a disorganized collection of dusty boxes to an orderly system for long-term storage. For more tips from Amanda on organizing your home, visit the Organized Living Home Organization blog.

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