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Lighten Your Laundry Load with these Simple Organizing Tips

Created on Nov 15, 2012
freedomRail Organized Laundry Room - White
Doing laundry is a necessary evil, sometimes even if it’s not yours. Make it less stressful by organizing the space first.

  1. Sliding baskets are a great way to keep items separated by family member. Once they’re full, baskets can easily be removed and carried to any place throughout the home. 
  2. Keep things running efficiently by adding an Organized Living freedomRail storage system to the laundry room.  Because it’s so flexible, you can add shelves and hanging space in even the smallest spaces.
  3. Sort through laundry detergents, fabric softeners and cleaning supplies. Save space by consolidating contents into one bottle and recycling empty ones. 
  4. Add under-the-cabinet baskets to existing shelves. They’re perfect for containing loose items and can be used anywhere you have a solid shelf.
  5. Save time by folding clothes or hanging them on a garment rack immediately after drying so you don’t have to break out the iron. If you’re passed the wrinkle stage, simply throw in a wet wash cloth and dry for a few minutes longer to keep clothes looking fresh.

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