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Mudrooms. AKA: Grand Central for Busy Families!

Created on Nov 15, 2012
What exactly is a mudroom? For some people, it can be a place for doing chores, such as laundry, or even potting plants. For others, it might only house a few hangers for coats. But for most, it’s a place to contain everything neatly as you walk into the house. So how do you organize a small storage space that fits just about everything?

  • First, decide what your space is used for most. If you’re a large family, you probably use it for a lot of things. Maybe that’s where all of the backpacks, sports equipment, shoes, jackets, and school work are stored. Or, maybe you only store gardening tools there. Whichever it is, the first step in getting organized is to determine what the space is mainly used for.
  • Next, it’s important to realize that the mudroom is a high-traffic area. Think long term when organizing this space. The materials you choose should be durable, lasting and easy to clean. This makes it much easier to keep organized and saves you time and energy in the end.
  • If you have kids who like to dump their belongings on the floor or in the entry way as they enter the home, use lockers or cubbies to keep everyone’s “stuff” organized. Create a cubby for each family member with hooks and baskets to store everything they need to walk out the door. The Organized Living freedomRail home system offers plenty of great designs to maximize space. You can adjust them easily to suit your needs now, and in the future. There are bins for sports equipment, cubbies for shoes, open shelving options and hooks for just about everything else.
Make your mudroom do all the work for you! An organized mudroom makes morning routines easier, keeps clutter at bay and makes coming home rewarding and truly relaxing.

Organized Living Custom Closet Design Tool

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