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Quick Tips for Getting Your Family Room Organized

Created on Nov 15, 2012
With so much traffic constantly coming in and out of the family room, keeping it organized may seem like a full-time job. Organized Living, has some tips for keeping your family room tidy:

  • Whenever possible, take advantage of vertical space. Get items off the floor and onto the walls to immediately eliminate floor clutter and disorganization. Shelving systems like Organized Living freedomRail are easy to install and can serve multiple purposes. Create an entertainment center with freedomRail to house the television, DVDs, toys, photo albums and more. As your family’s needs change and grow, freedomRail can adjust to accommodate those needs.
  • Everything in its Place....Everything should have a home. Whether it’s the remote control in a caddy or your children’s building blocks in a basket, giving everything in the family room an assigned place makes it easier to remember where the items belong. This will also motivate your family to clean up after themselves.
  • Group like items together and assign them to a basket or container. Use clear containers to store items like playing cards and children’s toys so that you can see contents without opening the lid.
  • Label, Label, Label. A label maker is key to organization.  The simple visual of a label helps you find items quickly and easily.  Let your children help you label, and organization will become contagious.
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