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Warm, Cozy, Organized Family Rooms

Created on Nov 15, 2012
Organized Living Over The Door Media Component
Cooler weather usually means more family time inside watching movies, listening to music and playing games. Make room for family fun by following these easy tips.

  • Baskets and bins are exceptionally helpful for containing CDs, DVDs, remotes and more. Organize CDs and DVDs according to how you search for them. A few popular methods are alphabetically or by genre.
  • Storing games can be tricky since they sometimes take up a lot of space. We recommend storing them outside the entertainment center in ventilated baskets and drawers. They’ll accommodate a large collection and since they’re ventilated, you can quickly find the games and puzzles you’re looking for. 
  • Keep your entertainment center flexible. Use Organized Living freedomRail shelving and O-Boxes to choose the perfect entertainment space that fits your style and budget.  
  • Use cord protectors to keep cords neat and label them on the ends near the plug so you can identify where cords belong. 
  • If you have a closet door in your family room, create storage space by using an Over the Door Organizer. It’s a clever storage solution that keeps your items on display so you can quickly find remotes, movies and music titles more efficiently.
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