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Tips for your Linens

Created on Feb 15, 2013

Linen closets can get out of hand as hard to fold sheets and towels are in messy, disorganized piles. Follow these organization tips to open your closet door to a tidy linen closet instead of a cluttered mess. 

  • Invest in matching towels. It is much more aesthetically pleasing to open your linen closet door to one beautiful color scheme. Many of us hold on to towels way longer than we should refusing to throw away that threadbare bath sheet we bought ten years ago. It’s time to let it go and take the next step towards organization.
  • Many linen closets are used to store more than just linens.They're home to cleaning products and toiletries too. Make the most of your space by adding a few key storage accessories. Wire storage shelves maximize space by creating vertical storage on wood shelves. Under the shelf baskets hang below wood shelves for even more storage.
  • Attempting to neatly fold a fitted sheet is an almost impossible task! Use one pillow case to neatly store the rest of a matching bedding set. This not only hides your messy fitted sheet, but keeps your sheet sets together.
  • Put smaller items into baskets. Neatly folding and stacking twenty washcloths can be time consuming and frustrating. Plus, pretty patterned baskets make the space livable and encourages others to keep it tidy.

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