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Five Ways to Make Home Office Organization Easy

Created on May 16, 2013
freedomRail office in white  from Organized Living design tool

A home office is important because it is the place where you conduct business for running the home. When it's organized, bills are more likely to be paid on time, homework isn't such a struggle and overall, the family runs more efficiently. Keep this important place organized with these five easy tips!

  1. Clear all the small items from your desk like erasers, paperclips, extra pens and pencils and store in drawer organizers to keep them untangled.
  2. Use message boards that attach to the wall near your desk. This is a useful way to keep important reminders in view.
  3. Add file cabinets and bookcases. They offer more room to store office files and paperwork efficiently and will ultimately free up desk space.  
  4. Use storage boxes for storing and archiving outdated papers, photos, vacation brochures or magazines. Choose boxes that have labels on front so you can keep track of what's inside. 
  5. Organized Living freedomRail storage systems can easily be used as a desk space. Simply combine a desk top, shelves and file cubbies to create an efficient work space for any room.

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