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5 ways to add character to a closet

Created on Aug 23, 2013
5 ways to add character to your closet | Organized Living

We use our closets twice a day, every day, so it should be a retreat that is well-organized. You can customize your closet by adding character to the space as if it’s any other room. Using professional organizer, Amanda LeBlanc’s closet, as inspiration, let’s review five easy ways you can upgrade your closet space to make it more inviting.

5 Ways to Customize a Closet | Organized Living

  1. Add Wallpaper. Create flair and ambiance using wallpaper with patterns of different colors. Try something a little different from the rest of the home to make your closet feel like a completely separate space.
  2. Use Fun Lighting. Hang a chandelier or add a lamp to transform your closet into a fancy changing room.
  3. Match your hangers. This creates a uniform look to your closet and helps keep clothes spaced apart evenly. Plus, it will make your closet feel like your favorite boutique! (but the best thing is that everything is already yours ;)
  4. Designate a Jewelry Nook. Coral all of your jewelry in one place and display it out in the open. Not only will the colors make it look like art, but it will also be easier for you to hang everything back up when you are finished.
  5. Shoe Display. Our prized possessions and possibly the prettiest things we wear should be displayed, not hidden, in a closet. Show your proud collection off by using adjustable wood shelves. This way you can adjust shelves accordingly depending on what you’re storing.  
Image of an Organized Living Classica closet via Amanda LeBlanc

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