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The Dos and Don'ts for Organizing Your Closet

Created on Apr 28, 2014
Amanda LeBlanc | Organized Living Spokesperson

By pro organizer, Amanda LeBlanc

Do get excited! Organizing is the start of achieving your goals and it can be fun. I promise!
Don’t feel like you have to complete the entire project in one day or even one weekend. Getting organized is a process that takes time. You want to do it correctly the first time and then maintain.  

Don’t just dive in. Developing a plan with concise goals will help you stay on track and be successful.
Do think about your true wants and needs when organizing a space. Evaluate the space and your routine. Determine what works for you and how you can make it fit into your life.

Don’t think you are stuck with what you have. Organized Living offers a full line of home organizing systems to help declutter the toughest mess, including storage and closet needs that are economical for any budget and flexible to fit your space.

The Dos and Don'ts for Clearing Your Closet | Amanda LeBlanc and Organized Living
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Do think outside of the box when it comes to organization and storage. Look at your space and see how you can use extra space. For example, use the vertical space high in your closet to add shelves and store seasonal items.
Don’t forget to . Bring in decorative items, such as a new chandelier, a funky rug or trendy baskets for storage.

5 ways to add character to a bedroom closet | Design by The Amandas

Have you used any of these tips or have any to share? Post yours in the comments below. 

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