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Online Design Tools Provide Custom Closets Tailored Perfectly to You

Created on Jul 17, 2014
Organized Living Closet Render from the Organized Living Design Tool
People use their closets at least twice a day, everyday, so in order to save time, it’s important that closets are functional. 

However, space in reach in closets is underutilized. A classic waste of space is a closet with one lonely hanging rod that’s perfect for hanging dresses, but wastes valuable space when you’re hanging shirts, pants and skirts. 

Maximize your storage space with an adjustable storage system - like Organized Living freedomRail! Our online custom closet design tool features a design library with functional storage designs to double, or even triple, space. And, you can tailor your custom closet to fit your needs, style and budget. Here are just a few closet personas you'll find in our library. Which would you choose? Do any sound familiar?

  • Gobs of Dresses? Choose from designs dubbed “Love My Dresses.”  This design choice gives you ample long hang to store your favorite dresses.Organized Living custom closet design tool | Love my dresses design
  • Hanging in there? If you hang anything and everything, including tee shirts and sweatshirts, choose “The Basics” or “Double Hang” designs to accommodate your shirts, sweaters, t-shirts and folded pants.  Organized Living custom closet design tool | Double Hang design
  • Love to Fold? If hanging just isn't your thing, you're not alone. Many people prefer folding their jeans, sweaters and t-shirts. If that’s the case, then “Stack It Up” or  “Shelves” closet designs would fit your needs best. Organized Living Custom Closet Design Tool | Shelves Design
  • Shoe Obsession? Our “Shoe Fanatic” design is your best bet and provides enough space to give your shoes the love they deserve!  Organized Living Custom Closet Design Tool | Shoe Fanatic Design
Choose from hundreds of reach-in closet designs or create walk in designs from the Organized Living Select Your Own online design tool to create an efficient storage space that’s strong and adjustable and adds beauty to your home.  

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