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  • Keeping it Simple | Organized Closet Makeover

    Closet Thumbnail
    Sometimes a simple closet design is all you need. Sometimes you need all the bells and whistles. Before you design your closet space, remember that your needs come first. Use them to dictate the design so your new closet is easy to maintain.
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    Created on Nov 14, 2014
  • Organizing the Mudroom

    A mudroom should be a place where all of your activities cn can be stored. If you do not have a mudroom in your house, get creative and design one!
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    Created on Oct 24, 2014
  • How to Store and Organize Shoes in a Closet

    Taming your messy shoes can be a real battle, especially when you’re a shoeaholic. If your shoe collection is out of control and rivals your favorite shoe store, then it’s time to get serious about your storage! Use these tips to get started.
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    Created on Sep 08, 2014
  • 10 Reasons You'll Know It's Time to Organize The Pantry

    10 Reasons You'll Know It's Time to Organized the Pantry
    Sometimes when you look at something everyday, it's hard to see it any differently. Take the pantry for instance, you're in it at least four times a day, yet for many, it's one of the most unorganized spaces in the home. We're here to give you a little push to help you determine if it's time to organize this busy space!
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    Created on Aug 21, 2014
  • Online Design Tools Provide Custom Closets Tailored Perfectly to You

    Organized Living Closet Render from the Organized Living Design Tool
    Ready to get organized and maximize your storage but now sure where to start? Have fun using our online design tool. It's easy to use and features hundreds of predesigned storage spaces created by experts for closets, pantries, mudrooms, garages and more!
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    Created on Jul 17, 2014
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