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Organized Living brings home organization to life through a combination of strong products, people and brand. Browse through our product lines to find the one that best compliments your needs, style and budget.
Products - discover, decide and find a dealer25% freedomRail for the month of September
The only truly adjustable storage system for every area of the home.
Storage solutions with a traditional, built-in furniture approach.
Ventilated Shelving
Strong ventilated wire solution for basic storage needs.
Garage Solutions
Both freedomRail Garage and Activity Organizers bring order to your garage.

Organized Living manufactures products with you in mind. Our products improve your life by reducing stress and saving time and money.
Simple solutions to pantry and cabinet organization.
Easy to install and easy to love organizers for every past time and hobby.
Custom basket solutions to fit your needs.
Increase storage space behind every door in the home.