12" Angled Ventilated Bracket - White

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The Organized Living freedomRail Angled Bracket supports 12" freedomRail Ventilated Shelves, slanting them at a 30 degree angle to keep shoes in plain view and easy to access. Perfect for organizing high heels, flats, tennis shoes and sandals. Brackets install without any tools. Simply attach 12" Ventilated Shelves onto the Bracket using slotted locks for a secure hold.

Features and Benefits

  • Made with 30% more steel than most systems. 
  • Easy to install. Ventilated Shelves attaches to Ventilated Brackets using slotted locks for a secure hold. 
  • Adjusts easily without tools to fit your changing needs. 
  • Slanted brackets are used with 12" ventilated shelves to create slanted shoe shelves in a closet. 
  • Slanted brackets also support freedomRail Tiered Ventilated Shelves. 
  • Safe for the home! All freedomRail hardware components are epoxy coated and PVC-free. 

More Info/Specifications

  • Available in white or nickel. 
  • Sizes: 12".
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