freedomRail is the perfect combination of strength, ease and versatility to save you time, money and stress. freedomRail puts you in control! Organized Living freedomRail is an award-winning home organization system that can be customized for every area of your home. The heart of this organization system is its ability to adjust- and readjust – to suit you and your family’s ever-changing needs.

Screws and Strong-Loc Anchors

Part #:

Organized Living freedomRail Patented Anchors provide the ultimate support for your freedomRail storage system. Our anchors twist behind the wall to maximize your system's strength and stability. They work with the rail to support up to 500 pounds every 40 inches!

  • Easy to install. 
  • Patented hardware is exclusive to freedomRail and holds up to 500 pounds every 40 inches. 

More Info/Specifications

  • Each package contains 6 screws, 6 anchors and 10 rail covers to hide screws. 
  • A 24" or 40" Rail requires 1 packet of anchors. 64" and 80" Rails require 2 packets of anchors. 
  • Works with other freedomRail components sold separately.
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