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When it comes to selecting the best custom closets for your home, we believe our customers are the true experts. The reasons to choose Organized Living home organization systems are diverse but our experts share one common belief: An organized home clears clutter and simplifies life for less stress and more time for better living. Read our testimonials below and watch videos from our customers to hear what they have to say about Organized Living freedomRail. 


  • The Sheridans, Cincinnati, OH

    I used the basic dimensions of my closet and Organized Living was able to truly maximize my space and meet my needs. I have tried other closet organizer systems from the box stores, but the look, quality, and options just don’t match up to the Organized Living system. I am in the process of completing my outdoor shed and plan on installing the Organized Living for my shed organizing needs.


  • Matt and Melissa O'Cull, Cincinnati, OH

    We have been using freedomRail products throughout our entire home for nearly two years and couldn’t be more satisfied. The amount of options and configurations available make these systems customizable to every need. The shelving is very durable, easy to move around and has a great finished look. I have completely transformed my office closet from a disorganized mess into an organized space. We highly recommend freedomRail systems!" 
  • Jeff Conley, Glenwood, MD

    I put my freedomRail closet up this weekend and it's great. Much easier than I anticipated to install and everything fit perfectly. We will be getting another closet as soon as my wife decides how she wants her closet organized!"
  • Matt Smith from episode 2 of The Amandas

    freedomRail is the only way to go! It grows with you and when your needs change it will also. Very adjustable and easy to work with! I will be doing freedomRail in my pantry and laundry room and I'm so looking forward to it!!! Thank you to The Amanda's for introducing me to such a excellent product!"
  • Annette Emmerson, Little Rock, CO

    I had no idea building my dream closet was this easy!” 
  • Mary Lewis, Louisville, KY

    freedomRail organized my entire home! It all started with the pantry. After that, I realized how easy it was to install and reconfigure. I am happy with my investment knowing that freedomRail will be here for me and my family for many years to come." 
  • Melissa Stanley

    I have been very impressed with everything! Everyone who has seen my closet has commented on how nice it looks. Almost everyone has mentioned how versatile freedomRail is with everything being easy to adjust and move to accommodate my changing needs. That is why I choose freedomRail, and never found anything that came close to its flexibility. You really do have the best closet system out there.  And I looked at all of them, probably twice." 
  • Shane Moore, Fairfax, VA

    I recently moved into a new home and had multiple closet companies give me quotes on installing two master closets. Their prices were well over $20,000 for each closet. I decided to do some research on the internet and came across freedomRail closet systems. I immediately contacted one of their dealers to purchase the system. They were patient with me through multiple versions of the closets. I installed the closets myself and they are awesome! Not difficult to put together, built solid and definitely cost effective! I highly recommend freedomRail to anyone who likes to have a nice closet but doesn't want to pay the outrageous prices of other companies!” 
  • Sheri Lerner

    freedomRail closets are the best things that ever happened to my active family. They can change at any time to personalize for each family member; from triple hang for a two year old to double hang for a ten year old. We also can move components quickly and easily to accommodate seasonal wardrobes. I've never been so in control of my closets!" 
  • Anne Lee

    I love freedomRail! The quality is so much heavier and sturdier than other brands. And it is so easy to trim down the sizes of the rails to have the best fit. We even trimmed down the uprights to fit over the taller baseboard. I can't wait to get more rails and uprights for my pantry and laundry room and maybe even garage! Our house will use freedomRail only!”  
  • Cameron Larsen

    We purchased several components of the freedomRail system for a his and hers closet installation. The flexibility of the system allowed us to create the perfect mix of drawers, shelving and shoe storage to match our wardrobes. The finish on the O-Boxes is high quality and makes the completed setup look like a custom handcrafted installation. And when our needs change, we have the capability of moving each component around by simply removing the units from the rails.We're now looking at additional freedomRail units for our son's room.”  
  • Birdie Brennan, professional organizer, Grove City, OH

    I love freedomRail! It is a well engineered product that is truly flexible. I love that the same brackets that you use for the melamine shelving also holds the clothes rods. Another great feature is there isn't the start and stop of sections in your closets. The rod and shelves can go wall to wall; that make one continuous section. freedomRail makes it easy to organize your closets!
  • Kristy Sticht, OH

    I absolutely love my freedomRail System. It was easy to install and is so versatile. freedomRail is terrific in my sewing and craft room. I am only five feet tall so the shelves are great for my sewing machine because they are adjustable to fit my height. Drawers and cubbies can be customized to organize supplies. I can't say enough about how useful this shelving system is.  I don't know what I would do without it!"  
  • Myrna Ryder, Wilmington, DE

    I designed and worked on installing a closet system for my daughter's reach-in closet. I first bought components similar to freedomRail - at least in appearance. I tried and tried to install the parts, but at the end of several days, I was completely unsuccessful and very frustrated. I then went and purchased freedomRail.  ABSOLUTELY NO COMPARISON!!!  freedomRail had wonderful directions. The components are stronger and more sturdy than what I purchased previously (which I returned)!! The ease of installation was incredible. Within about two hours I had everything finished. I am thrilled with freedomRail. I will be recommending it to everyone I know who is interested in installing a closet system.” 
  • Marshall F., Fort Collins, CO

    I placed an order for freedomRail in January to complete a master suite remodel. This past weekend we finally were able to install the product in the closet and it is absolutely AWESOME! We are VERY happy with the end product in every respect
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