Over the Door
Our Over The Door system is truly adjustable and can be tailored to suit your needs, style and budget. Simply hang the Rail over your door and then choose from a wide range of accessories to maximize your home storage system.
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Easy installation, endless possibilities

Organized Living Over The Door solutions installs easily on to any door in your home. Assembly is so easy that zero tools are needed from you. We've included everything! Follow these simple instructions to put your Over the Door solution to work. 

Over the Door - top of door
  1. First, snap the tabs of one of the Captures into the second and third slots at the top of the Upper Upright. This way, the upright will not be higher than the door jam and interfere with the swing.
  2. Second, snap the tabs of remaining Capture into first and second or third and fourth slots from the bottom of the Lower Upright. You may need to reposition the capture lower or higher on the upright depending on the height of your door.Over the Door - bottom of door
  3. Now, with the door open, slip the lower assembly under the door at the door’s center.
  4. Next, hang the upper assembly over the door aligning it with the lower assembly. As you do so, feed the upper assembly into the lower assembly.
  5. After sliding the upper assembly into the lower, use the tightening screw on the front of the upper assembly to secure the two parts together firmly. 
That's all it takes to create an efficient, space-saving Over the Door solution. Find an authorized Organized Living dealer near you to add this space-saving storage system to your home today. 

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