Ventilated Shelving
Organized Living Lifetime Ventilated is a solutions-focused shelving system that can serve an integral part of any area of your home that demands a lifetime of durability and strength at a great price. Unmatched in strength, it’s the most practical and dependable solution for areas of your home that play an important role in your life each day.
Design Considerations

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Bypass doors leave the center of the closet somewhat cumbersome to access. Do not put a tower in the center. Instead, consider long hang in the center.

Return Walls
Reach-in closets often have return walls on either side of the door. These walls may offer an opportunity to hang a tower of shoe shelves if the closet is more than 30” deep.

Above Doors
A closet with a tall inside and a normal size door poses other problems. Once you reach a point in the height of the shelving that it is at or above the doors, a normal depth shelf may not be the best choice. If the closet is 22” deep, once you are above the door height (80”), a 16” deep shelf will only leave 6” of space to access the shelf. Use 9” or 12” deep shelving instead.

Other Obstacles
Closets usually house a variety of items that can get in the way of the installation of shelving. Some of these items include switches, outlets, registers, security panels, attic access’s electric panels, windows, central vac hookups and recessed vanity mirrors that are on the other side of the wall to name a few. It’s important to note that anytime these things are present, the person designing the closet should place them on the drawing so that the installer knows before hand what he is getting into and can install around them.

Questions to Ask Before Designing…

How much long hang do I need?
  • Storage for dresses, robes, pants hung by the cuff.
  • Women – 25% estimate between 18” and 36”.
  • Men – 0-25% but if needed at all, it will be for pants/robes.
  • Child – usually none, but teenage girls may need a minimal amount for dresses.
How much shelving do I need?
  • Shoes, sweaters, handbags, hats, games, toys, linens.
  • Women – usually need 1-2 sections.
  • Men – at least one section.
  • Child – may need as much shelving as hanging.
How much double hang do I need?
  • After determining long hang and shelving needs, the remainder of the space should be used as double hang.
What do you store in your linen closet? Do you need to maximize the depth of the closet shelving?
  • Is the closet deep enough to install shelving on the side walls?
  • Does you need deep shelving for beach towels, blankets, etc., if so use 16” or 20” deep shelving.
  • Suggesting the use of tight mesh shelving makes the space more versatile; smaller items can be stored on the shelving without falling through the cross-wires.
Do you buy items in large packages (cereal boxes, etc)?
  • Yes – leave a large space between two shelves or omit one shelf in the stack.
  • No – space shelves evenly.
Do you store small items (spices, etc) in your pantry?
  • Yes – suggest use of tight-mesh shelving to prevent small items from falling between the crosswires
  • No – Linen/Storage shelving will be sufficient
Do you need to maximize the depth of the shelf (foil, plastic wrap, etc)?
  • Yes – suggest 16” or 20” deep shelving.
Note: The top shelf in a pantry may need to be 9” or 12” deep to allow clearance with the door header. It is recommended to provide a minimum of 8-10” of clearance between the shelf and the door header.

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