Ventilated Shelving
Organized Living Lifetime Ventilated is a solutions-focused shelving system that can serve an integral part of any area of your home that demands a lifetime of durability and strength at a great price. Unmatched in strength, it’s the most practical and dependable solution for areas of your home that play an important role in your life each day.
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12” Joiner Support Brace with Joiner Clamp
  • Used to connect to long continuous runs of shelving.
  • Supports 12” and 16” Hanging Shelf and 12” Storage/Linen Shelving.
  • Grasps the front wires of any two ventilated shelves.
  • Can be inverted to hang shelf from a clipped ceiling. 

Strap Back Clip
  • Used to secure ventilated shelving to studs in heavy duty applications (Optional) such as in pantries and garages.
  • Uses a #8 x 1-1/2” Phillips 

Vertical Support Pole and Clips
  • Replaces the Support Braces and Side Wall Brackets.
  • Most commonly used to create a tower of shelving.
  • Support Pole uses either plastic Adjustable Pole Clip or metal Snap-In Pole Clips.
  • Vertical Support Pole is made of steel and is available in 70” and 84 ¾” lengths.
  • Rubber Caps are available for the top and bottom of the Vertical Support Pole.

Metal Corner Bracket
  • Bracket used to create a corner shaped like an "L."
  • Holds the front of one shelf level with the connecting shelf without interfering with hanger movement.

Shoe Rack Support
  • Used with 12” Storage or Tight-Mesh Shelves.
  • Supports shelf at an angle.
  • Two mounting options:
  • Attached on middle wire of shelf to support the shelf off the wall.
  • Attached to the front wire of the shelf to support the shelf off of the floor.

End Caps and Double End Caps
  • Covers and finishes rods that have been cut.
  • Prevents articles of clothing from snagging on the ends of the shelf and other issues.
  • Presses on the end of each cut rod.
  • Large and small sizes available as well as Double End Caps for every application.

Open Slide® Joiner Clip
  • Connects the Hanging Rods of two ventilated shelves together to allow for continuous hanging.
  • Comes with two bolts and two nuts that tighten the Clip to the Hanging Rod.
  • Need two Joiner Clips per Corner Rounder Shelf.

Waste Saver
  • Used to connect any two Shelf Rods together other than the Hanging Rod.
  • Keeps shelf crosswires 1” apart.
  • Fits snugly over wires to allow a seamless transition along the shelf.

Side Wall Support
  • Used when you have an Angled Shelf to capture the cross-wires.
  • Attaches to the side wall with Tri-Loc Anchor.
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