Common Dos and Don'ts 


  • Don't impede the interior space by installing a door that swings inward.
  • Don't use bi-folds that only allow 67% access to storage space or by-pass (sliding) doors that only allow 50% access.
  • Don't put the light switch inside the closet; it takes up space on the return wall that could be used for storage. 
  • Do not place a receptacle, cable connection, phone jack, speaker wire, alarm box, computer cable or other feature in an area where it will interfere with the storage system. If they need to go in the closet, place them very high or very low, where they will not affect the storage installation. 


  • Do use pocket doors that allow 100% access to storage space. Notify the installer if there are pocket doors on a wall that storage is being installed on. 
  • Do use bi-swing hinged doors that allow up to 90% access to storage space.
  • Do frame closet doors toward the center of the entry wall to create more usable space along both return walls. 
  • Do use space below windows for seats, shelving or drawer units depending on the height and width dimensions of the window and clearance from adjacent walls.
  • Do install the attic access as close to the center of the closet ceiling as possible – clearance from the opening to any wall should be at least 22". 
  • Do install ceiling or floor-mounted HVAC supply vents and returns 24" from walls, so that they don't interfere with closet components installed along the walls. (When return vents are required, ceiling mounted is suggested or wall mounted above 84" high.)
  • Do use metal shields on outer edges of studs where plumbing, wiring, HVAC lines are present to protect them from screw penetration during storage installation. 


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