Sequence of Closet Installations

When do I order product?
Base product typical lead time is one week and upgrade product typical lead time is three to four weeks. 

When do I schedule storage installation?
Although it depends on the method of installation, storage systems are typically installed after finished drywall, door, window and access-hole trim, and final painting. 

Floor-based systems can be installed after final flooring is in place. Baseboard can be installed after the closet installation for a cleaner look. If baseboard is installed during trim-out, the trim carpenter will be required to notch the baseboard.

Wall hung systems can be installed at any time after final painting.

Have the closet dealer sweep and clean up after installation is complete, including discarding all cartons and packaging.

How long does installation take?
Base product typical installation time is one day. Upgrade typical installation time also is one day. Installation should be scheduled during a time when there will be little to no interference from other contractors such as painting and flooring. Be sure to share designs with the installer prior to installation. They will be able to determine if the installation will take longer than one day. 

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