Quality Checklist

After the product is installed, there are particular points that a home builder should pay attention to. Use these check lists, organized by product type, to be sure that the highest quality products are installed. 

Ventilated Wire System



Epoxy powder coated – hardest coating in the industry

Does not discolor, will not tear or leave hanger indentations, provides a smooth hanger glide

Back clips every 11” 

Prevents bowing and stops tearing from wall

Center supports every 36” to 42” and on open ends 

Prevents bowing and pulling out of the wall

Shelves should end no more than 0.5” from any side wall.

Provides finished look, prevents items from falling between shelf and wall

Down back clips above open ends and support braces.

Prevents shelf from popping out. Holds 75 pounds per linear foot. No need to find studs.

End caps covering all cut ends 

Prevents articles of clothing from snagging on the ends of the shelf.

All shelving blemishes are touched up

Finished shelf looks clean and new.

Open/continuous slide hanging shelves 

Hangers can travel the length of the shelf freely, even around corners.

Tight mesh shelving (deck wires at less than 5/8”)

Smaller items can be stored and there is less chance of wire impressions on clothing.

Lifetime warranty

Increased home buyer confidence. 

Melamine Systems



¾” thick, 45 pound melamine, furniture-grade board and finish

Provides a scratch resistant surface that is strong and won’t sag. The board is long lasting and the finish is affordable. The mounting hardware also will tighten properly into board

Thick radius edge band (25 mil or more)

Provides a softer, quality look with edges that are more durable. It doesn’t chip or tear.

Cam lock type fasteners 

Provide for fast installation. Make the system stronger by giving secure holding power.

Cleat-based installation 

System stays in place so drawers and doors do not come out of alignment even if bumped.

Full extension, ball bearing drawer glides

Makes everything in the drawer easily visible. Operates smoothly and quietly.

Wood boxes

Provides a matching, complimentary wood grain pattern with the shelves. Decreases warehouse space and increases profit.

Toe kicks used on floor mounted systems

Protects front of panel. Provides a clean front with a furniture look.

All vertical panels are single piece

Provides thick, strong panels. The continuous panel offers superior strength and holding power. Multiple heights of panels available to fit a variety of needs, only need single panels no need to double up.

Cabinet hardware

When combined with furniture grade board, will not loosen over time.

Adjustable Systems



Uprights made with extra steel

Allows for further adjustability without patching and painting walls to reattach uprights. Doesn’t require finding studs to install. Provides extra strength so that they do not require mounting to wall

Wire and wood shelves that span 36”

Use fewer uprights and brackets. Makes it easier for designers.

Wood shelves and cabinets with furniture-grade board and finish

Easily cleaned. The finish resists scratches and stains and provides many years of use.

Cabinetry assembled with concealed cam lock fasteners

Assures secure assembly capable of meeting the most demanding storage needs. In addition, shelves cannot accidentally fall.   

Brackets should have anti-knock down design feature

Protects closet owners from falling shelves. Provides sturdy frame for shelving.

Wire shelving locks into brackets both front and back of shelves

Provides sturdy shelving that is secure and locked into place. It also provides a more finished look.

Hardware to securely lock wood shelving into brackets

Provides sturdy, secure shelves that can lock into place.

System includes wood cabinetry

Offers a more complete storage solution.

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