freedomRail is the Best Choice for Student Housing

The right home environment at colleges and universities is key to recruiting and retaining students. Students spend the majority of their time in their dorm rooms and want an environment that is comfortable and conducive to a successful college career.

Storage and organization affect every aspect of the residence hall environment. Students are moving into a much smaller space than they are accustomed to and they are required to share that space for maybe the first time in their lives. freedomRail is the right storage and organization solution to help make dormitories the perfect environment.

freedomRail offers:

  • Distinction – don’t want closets to look like an apartment
  • Strength – students will load them down
  • Low maintenance – no painting or repairing
  • Safety – nothing falling over; and fire safety with everything off the floor
  • Adjustability – for easy change from one student to another (ADA compliance)
  • Opportunities to meet green qualifications. 
  • Maximized storage space.

Why freedomRail in student housing?

  • Durability – dormitory furniture should be built to withstand a lot of heavy duty use without losing functionality or performance. freedomRail is stronger than any other shelving system.
  • Flexibility – students want the ability to adjust and reconfigure furniture to match their individual preferences. Plus it adjusts to meet the needs of multiple students one semester to the next. 
  • Functionality – storage must meet many practical requirements, such as closets with efficient double hang options and over the door systems. 
  • Design – the storage design and finish options should meet the personality / gender of the dormitory and create a unified image. 
  • Customization – storage should be able to be modified and adjusted to meet the unique requirements of each residence hall, including any ADA requirements. 
  • Warranty – decisions about length of warranty and maintenance agreements should be based on life cycle costing, which is based on dividing the unit price by the number of years on the warranty to determine the lowest cost of ownership on a yearly basis. 
  • LEED/ Green –  Steel components use recycled steel and melamine components are CARB compliant. 
  • Plastic Storage – because of a lack of storage space, many students have many plastic containers which are very toxic if a fire breaks out. 
  • Distinction – freedomRail adds value to the unit. 
  • Cost effective – freedomRail designs can meet a wide range of budgets. 
  • Production oriented – freedomRail installation is so easy that time and labor costs are minimized. 
  • Low maintenance – If a component is damaged, it can be replaced without replacing entire closet. 
  • Wall Mounted Design – Everything is off the floor which makes the units easier to clean and less of a fire hazard
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