Organized Living freedomRail is ADA Compliant

freedomRail is the most versatile storage system available, manufactured to the highest quality standards. These attributes combine to make it the best solution for ADA requirements. 

  • freedomRail is the only truly adjustable storage system available, therefore giving it the versatility to adapt to the needs of any ADA project. For instance, the only part of the freedomRail system that gets installed in the wall is the rail. Everything else can be adjusted up, down, left or right at any time without tools. 
  • Since freedomRail is a rail based system, nothing sits on the floor or is installed near the floor, giving wheelchairs and walkers the clearance that they need. 
  • ADA requirements say that the maximum high forward reach allowed is 48 inches. The minimum low forward reach is 15 inches. freedomRail systems can be arranged to meet both of these guides. 
  • The clear floor space allows parallel approach by a person in a wheelchair, the maximum high side reach is 54 inches and the low side reach is no less than 9 inches above the floor. Again, freedomRail can be adjusted to meet these requirements. 
  • freedomRail’s adaptability is particularly beneficial in facilities that frequently change occupants. When one occupant has a disability that gives them different reach than the previous occupant, freedomRail can easily be adjusted to meet their new needs. And it can be done without any lost costs, while completely being customized to the needs of the occupant. What could be a better solution? 
  • In addition, freedomRail is easy to install, so your projects will go up quickly and easily. And because it is made with the highest quality engineering, it will last through years of the most active use. 
Contact us now to partner with an Organized Living authorized dealer to add freedomRail to your next project. 

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