freedomRail is so easy to install and can be added to any home improvement project, making it the contractor's product of choice

freedomRail was developed to be very easy to install and to adjust. Read the instructions below and watch the videos now. 

  • First draw a level line at the height you want the hanging rail
  • In our demonstration and normally it would be at 84” however depending on your customers’ needs it could go all the way to the ceiling.
  • Secondly, hold the rail against the wall so that the level line is visible through the holes
  • Once the rail is on the line and on the wall where you want it to go, mark the area to drill the hole with a circle
  • Take your driver and drill a 5/16” hole on the level line where the holes met
  • For masonry, drill the hold with a 5/16” masonry bit
  • If you hit a stud you can drill a 1/8” hole 
  • Insert an anchor into each hole(stud unless it’s a stud)
  • Make sure that the lip of the anchor is flush with the surface of the drywall
  • Take the rail and hold it on the wall to begin mounting it
  • Make sure that every hole has a screw in it
  • And make sure that when you tighten the screw into the anchor you have run the screw enough
  • There will be a moment when you are screwing it into the anchor that it will give you some resistance, you must make sure that you go past that resistance and allow it to run free
  • If you stop too soon, then the anchor will not be engaged fully and it may not work correctly. We are trying to get the anchor to knot behind the wall so it creates 360 degrees of contact.
  • If you do not have any O-Boxes to build, then you can put down your driver.  The rest of the job will be hanging components from the rails and uprights as the design in the job box indicates. 
  • Another good way to install is just to start on the left and work your way to the right, depending on your design
  • You will install the uprights, the O-Boxes, the shelves, add rod clips, add rod stops to the clothes rod and installed the hanging rod and accessories you are done.
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